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THE new Renault Trafic might be bigger and more car-like to drive than before, but what about the interior I hear you say?

After all, it’s where business van drivers will spend the most time.

Well, I think that describing your new van’s interior as ‘an office on wheels’ is a pretty bold claim.

But that’s what Renault believes and with over 90-litres of clever stowage in the new Trafic’s car-like interior, they certainly seem to be able to substantiate it – but what are the cleverest features?

Well, after spending two days driving and learning about the Renault Trafic, I can give you my answer.

Renault mobile phone connection.
The Trafic’s mobile phone cradle can be adjusted to suit a wide range of phones.

Maximum Connectivity

Connectivity is key in this fast driven financial climate, so having phones and tablets close to hand are what you need to keep in touch.

To solve this problem, Renault is offering both mobile phone and tablet cradles that can be fixed to the centre console of the Trafic.

The mobile phone cradle is positioned to the left of the steering wheel, within easy reach of the driver and can be adjusted to suit a wide range of phones.

Adjustable for both vertical and horizontal display, handily your phone can even be charged via the USB situated nearby.

The tablet holder is perhaps more impressive, as logically located in the centre of the dashboard, it can fit devices of up to 10.6inches. What makes it more impressive, is that when it’s not needed, the holder can be folded away, so as not to attract unwanted attention.

This isn’t the end of the stowage for essential electrical kit, as the Trafic’s central front seat can also be folded forward, where if the lid is lifted you’ll find space to store a lap top.

Put the seat back up and the computer is out of view from prying eyes, keep it folded down and it can also be used as a support to work on.

Full suite of multimedia systems

On top of all this clever stowage, there’s the usual suite of multimedia systems in the Trafic. With even the standard system including features such as Bluetooth and a dashboard-mounted USB port and jack socket.

Next up is the Media Nav system we tried on the launch, which adds an 18cm touch-screen plus Nav &GO navigation.

Then later this year, Renault will offer its range-topping R-Link system. Highlights include voice command control, Text To Speech functionality which allows emails and RSS feeds to be read out and Tom Tom connected navigation with live services.

Renault R&GO app converts a tablet into navigation system.
Renault’s R&GO app converts a tablet into navigation system.

R & GO app launches in Trafic

Still need a navigation system in your Trafic, but don’t want or need some of the functionality, plus the extra expense of both the Media Nav and R-Link systems?

No problem, as debuting on the new Trafic is the R & GO app.  Once downloaded to your tablet or smart phone, it turns them most importantly into a navigation system.

However, other added R & GO functionality includes hands-free use of the telephone, control of the MP3 sources and web radios.

There’s even a trip computer, which gives eco driving tips.

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