Caddy Black Edition
The Caddy Black Edition - comfortable and car-like.
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SO it was an action-packed first month with my Caddy Black Edition, which as you might remember ended in bent body panels! Anyway, my van was quickly collected and taken back to Volkswagen HQ for repairs and a very orangey Golf SV left for me to use in its place.

Anyway, tangerine paint job or not, in 1.4 TFSi petrol form, the Golf SV proved to be an enjoyable drive. It also proved to be the perfect demonstrator of some of the clever new technology that will be debuting on the next Caddy. My favourite feature being the radar-controlled cruise control, that’s a real help on long motorway journeys.

Despite the Golf’s competence and usefulness, after three weeks away, I was very pleased to receive the call from the Press Office to tell me my Caddy was fully repaired and ready to come back to me. Later that same week, my freshly polished van was delivered to my door and the Golf SV taken away.

On first look, there was no evidence of the parking damage. The Caddy’s obviously had a new door, but the paint looks factory fresh, the panel gaps are even and it still opens and shuts with the same quality ‘clunk’ that I remember. I never got a total break down of what other Deep Black pearl paintwork was needed from Volkswagen, but apart from the door, there was also a small dent on the front wing which has been repaired and on top of that I reckon the bonnet and sliding door have also seen some work from the spray gun.

Still, like the door, the rest of the new paintwork is top notch and now it’s back, I just want to forget about the damage and get on with enjoying this stylish van.

The pearl black paintwork didn’t stay shiny and clean for long, as the Caddy was quickly pressed back into service getting me to car and van launches all over the country. In just three weeks, this sort of driving saw just over 400 miles of tarmac wound under the attractive alloys of this Volkswagen van.

The end of my second month with the Caddy saw me off on a family holiday and I’m pleased to say the Caddy came too! The 3.2 cu.m loadspace was tested with a week’s worth of family luggage, shopping, my daughter’s buggy and even my son’s bike slotted in the back. The Caddy didn’t even break sweat and there would have been plenty of room for more!

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