Transporter T6 Kombi on the flatpack furniture run
Transporter T6 Kombi on the flatpack furniture run
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Transporter T6 fuel statistics

  • Official MPG: 36.7mpg
  • Our Average MPG: 20mpg
  • Our Best MPG: 28.6mpg

AS I write, the man from Volkswagen is just days away from picking up the T6, but I’ve still managed to cram in some long trips in the Volkswagen T6 Transporter Kombi T30 Highline 2.0 TDi 140 DSG for our last month together.

First was the almost obligatory trip to buy flat pack furniture at Ikea. Two living room stowage units for my kids’ toys would have been too much for the Collins’ car, but the T6’s load area wasn’t even troubled. In fact, there was so much space in the back of our Volkswagen van that the large boxes almost looked lost!

I appreciated how easy it was to load and unload the boxes with the flat load floor and hardwearing rubber flooring – although the tailgate is heavy and you have to be careful about obstacles that are in the way of its arc to avoid dents!

We like:

  • Easy to drive, spacious load area, all the standard kit, generally comfortable and refined performer, high quality

Next up, I was Birmingham bound for a meeting with Volkswagen CV.  The excellent combinations of that 140P 2.0-litre TDi diesel engine, the seven-speed DSG transmission and cruise control meant that the 100-odd mile trip from my home in Hertfordshire was dispatched easily, comfortably and with kind traffic on the M1/M6 – surprisingly quickly!

Interestingly, this meeting was the first chance for me to see the new Caravelle Generation Six limited edition. The first time I saw this special T6 was at the reveal in Amsterdam last year and it’s still my favourite of the new models. It certainly gives a nod to the iconic original, with its two-tone paint, retro wheels and more luxurious intrerior.

Business Vans is getting a go soon, so watch the site for a review of this special van.

We don’t like:

  • App Connect confusion, dashboard stowage, unsettled ride on the 18-inch wheels

Finally, another trip to Peterborough visiting a client beckoned and it was the T6 that got the job. Why? Well for me, with the smooth and slick DSG transmission, the Transporter is the perfect, trouble-free mile-muncher.

What a shame that despite these long motoway trips, the average MPG dropped to just 20mpg this month – I never got close to the claimed 36.7mpg!

So what will I miss about the T6 Kombi? For me I think it’s the quality, practicality and how easy it is to drive. Everything about this van feels well-made and built to last – there were no squeaks and rattles, plus the wipe clean cloth upholstery, remained unmarked despite the best efforts of my kids.

I had a chance to try one of the T6’s key rivals recently – a Sport version of the Mercedes Vito combi and both inside and out, it felt significantly cheaper than this Volkswagen.

To be honest I think my kids will miss this van more than me! I never had any trouble getting them to sit on the bench with their seats – in fact even a trip to the supermarket was considered an adventure. No other car or commercial has been able to replicate this – which is worrying for a T6-less future. I reckon three adult passengers on their way to work would be just as happy too!

Access wasn’t perfect however – it would have been nice to have two sliding rear doors rather than the one, but I appreciate this is a characteristic of this model.

In fact it’s hard to pick fault in our Crewvan of the year, as other niggles revolved around the small sizes of the dashboard stowage, the lack of App Connect (not the fault of the van!) and the blingy chromed 18-inch wheels that made the ride a bit choppy.

Going back to the wheels, despite the ride and the cost (£2,100!),  I’d have the 18-inch Springfield alloys again if I was choosing, which sounds weird considering how they upset the ride, but they fill the arches well and give added visual clout to the sharp looks of the T6, that rival vans just can’t match.

Transporter T6 Kombi with furniture flat packs and seats for six
Transporter T6 Kombi with furniture flat packs and seats for six




















  1. I really don’t get this about the T6. I’ve been a VW fan for most of my adult life/childhood, and my family has had a succession of Beetles/T2 Campers/Passats/Golf GTI’s/Caravelles over the years. And then I got over my prejudice/snobbery and bought a Mondeo. Then I had a Transit Connect for work, and now I have a Ford Transit Custom 155 ps L2 DCIV Limited with all the bells and whistles in Deep Impact Blue. Since I picked it up in September (ex-Demo from Stoneacre in York) it has performed faultlessly, is extremely comfortable, handles well and returns 40+ mpg all day long! It has a bulkhead between the cabin and the van box, so it’s quiet, and it will pull my two-car race trailer easily (although not at 40 mpg) as the 2.2 tonne towing limit is perfectly adequate. It looks like something from the 21st Century, unlike the T6, which looks too similar to the T5, and I have no issues with fit and finish or rattles etc. It’ll gain a set of 18 ” Sportvan alloys and some sidebar/steps so my wife can get in and out with a shred of dignity, but otherwise, what’s not to like..? Tell me why I’m missing the point and should spend loads more money for something (the T6) that doesn’t appear to offer anything better…..

    • I’ve owned a lot of transporters and the reason I’d buy no other van is purely financial. Buy a transit or Vivaro etc for say £10k and spend £10k on it tarting it or camper converting it and it will be worth about £15k. Buy a Transporter for £10k and spend £10k on it and because of its cult following it will be worth £35k.
      You do the maths!


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