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From funding options to van finance specialists

Buying, hiring, or leasing – which type of van funding is best for you?

When it comes to acquiring a van for your business, which form of van funding is best - buy outright, hire rental, or van leasing?
VW Caddy

Five reasons why you should lease your company van

WHEN you run a business, there are many things that you need to consider. If you work in the sort of industry that requires...
Plug-in Van Grant

Plug-in Van Grant to continue beyond 2020

The Plug-in Van Grant will continue at current rates until October 2018. After that point the Government says incentives will carry on beyond 2020 but has yet to say what the level of support will be
daily rental vans

Should I use daily rental vans?

Daily rental vans: the low downYou just pay for usage Pay-as-you-go - just like mobile phones Get the right van for the job ...
Decorator loading up a Vivaro van bought on finance lease

Finance lease on a van

FINANCE lease is often called long-term contract hire - although this is not the case.But finance lease is popular with many in the 'dirty' trades...
December van market rise

Lease purchase on a new van – what is it?

The lease purchase on a new van low downFlexible way to own a van Monthly payments are not subject to VAT The vehicle...
David and his Vauxhall Vivaro

Need a new van? How about hire purchase if you can’t win one!

IF you're not lucky enough to win van - such as David Mellors (pictured) who took the keys to an all-new Vauxhall Vivaro -...
NRS Vito vans on contract hire

Contract hire a new van

CONTRACT hire is a long-term rental agreement of 24-60 months which provides you with the use of a van. If you want you can...
flowerbx sprinter

Contract purchase your van

WHEN the time comes to buy a new van it’s essential to find the most suitable way for your type of business to finance it:...
finance lease peugeot

Finance lease van funding: plugging the funding for leak fleet

The lowdown on finance lease van fundingMinimum capital expenditure; Flexible funding: choose low monthly payments followed by a 'balloon' payment; or larger payments...
Europcar Hilux

Truckman supplies hardtops to Europcar Hilux rental fleet

LEADING manufacturer and distributor of pick-up hardtops and accessories Truckman supplies hardtops to Europcar Hilux rental fleet in a prominent order boost for the company.Europcar UK, a subsidiary...
Hertz British Rowing vehicle hire deal

Hertz pushes the boat out for British Rowing vehicle hire deal

BRITISH Rowing has appointed Hertz UK as its official vehicle hire supplier, with the Hertz British Rowing vehicle hire deal enabling its members to enjoy...
fleet ownership worries

Fraikin wipes out fleet ownership worries for pest control firm

FRAIKIN wipes out fleet ownership worries with delivery of 24 new vans for national pest management experts JG Pest Control on a three-year full-service contract hire...
Different van speed limits- the car-derived Fiesta van has car limits but larger van speed limits - the car-derived Fiesta van has car limits but larger vans speeds must be 10mph ower on single and dual carriageways

What is a leasing broker?

A LEASING BROKER is an intermediary who sits between the customer, the motor manufacturers and the vehicle funders. They marry together the best available vehicle...
getting a good deal

Is it worth getting a van on finance?

ARE you a business owner looking to acquire some vans? We understand that this can be both necessary but still expensive, especially when purchasing...
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