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Van rental
The construction group Kier is to rent a chunk of its van fleet from Nexus

KIER has joined the ranks of businesses turning to the flexibility of hiring their vans, particularly as a means of managing changing vehicle demand.

Kier, a building and construction group, has done a two year deal with Nexus Vehicle Rental for the supply of short and medium term rental vehicles.

About 20% of the rental fleet will be commercial and these will include ‘special build’ vehicles modified for specific projects.

The IRIS system has already been used to identify high fuel consumption in some areas of Kier’s van fleet, and that’ll lead to cost savings down the line.

One of the main influences in Kier’s decision was Nexus’ IRIS (Intelligent Rental Information Software) platform.

IRIS is a web-based system that allows Kier to manage the rental process, improving cost control and providing a reporting system that details which vehicles are used most, how the vehicles are used, and where they are located at any time.

Steve Osborne, Kier’s fleet manager, said: “Through Nexus we have access to a broader range of rental services and systems, and improved supply across all vehicle types from standard to highly specialist. Its flexibility and problem solving attitude means we are guaranteed vehicle delivery and an unparalleled level of service while saving costs through increased efficiencies.

“IRIS has allowed our business units to take increased responsibility for their own rental spend and we have used the data available to identify the vehicles we use the most to secure preferential rates saving our business further money.”

As businesses become more aware of the cost benefits of closely managing their business vans so it make sense to look at companies like Nexus that have invested in management systems that a small business might not be able to afford or implement on its own.

Plus there’s the more obvious benefit of flexibility to match demand.

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