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Network van brokers will require BVRLA accreditation

Network van brokers: BVRLA accreditation

BVRLA gold standard required for Netword van brokers

Small businesses, traders and van operators wishing to lease vans through brokers, can look forward to higher standards.

That’s the promise from Network.

From January 2009, all Network brokers will have to be British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) approved.

It is a significant step to raise standards. Network represents the largest group of franchised brokers in the UK. Currently there are 210 van and leasing brokers.

Funding for the vans and the Network franchise infrastructure is provided by leasing and fleet finance giant LeasePlan.

Tim Hudson, commercial director for LeasePlan, explained the reason for the new standards to Business Vans: “We take our position as industry leader very seriously. As a result we can’t focus simply on signing as many brokers as possible and pushing through as many sales as we can. Instead, our focus should be on setting and maintaining standards for a select group of elite brokers.”

What does BVRLA-approval mean for a van leasing broker?

The BVRLA is the representative body for the car and van leasing industry. BVRLA approval is a gold standard for brokers. It aims to raise standards and eliminate so-called ‘bedroom brokers’.

Bedroom brokers in the past have been responsible for dubious transactional standards. van

BVRLA standards for leasing brokers include:

  • Brokers must do business lawfully
  • Brokers must trade fairly with customers
  • Brokers must behave with honesty and integrity
  • Brokers must not misrepresent facts to customers
  • Brokers must operate from a commercial premises
  • Small businesses have access to a recognised procedure in the event of a dispute with a BVRLA-approved van broker

Paul Bulloch, managing director of Concept Vehicle Leasing, is a member of LeasePlan’s broker network. And has BVRLA accreditation.

“I’m very positive about it. Although I’m already BVRLA-approved it’s good to raise the standards of more brokers,” said Paul. “There are other elements to the Network deal that should send out positive messages to van manufacturers – such as the elimination of third party deals where some brokers were abusing the deals they had been given – that will raise broker awareness and behaviour.”

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