Plug-in Van Grant
Winner of the Best Green Van of the Year, the Renault Kangoo ZE will remain eligible for the Plug-in Van Grant
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THE Plug-in Van Grant, which offers up to 20% off the price of an ultra-low emission van, will continue in some form until 2020.

This has been confirmed by the Department for Transport, despite the current extension to the grant ends this month (March 2018).

“The current grant rates will be maintained until at least the end of April 2018. We are conducting a review of grant rates at present and will provide more information in due course,” said a DfT spokesperson.

To qualify for the grant, vans must have emissions below 75g/km and the ability to travel in zero emission mode for at least 10 miles. The grant available is 20% of the purchase price capped at £8000.

To apply for the Plug-in Van Grant, the dealer will do the paperwork for you by including the value of the grant in the van’s price. For businesses that are leasing their vans, the lease price will reflect the inclusion of the grant.

The winner of the Best Green Van of the Year in the Business Van of the Year Awards was the Renault Kangoo ZE.

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