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We all know we need insurance, but think and act early and you can control the cost

VAN insurance is a must-have, if only for legal reasons.

But it isn’t cheap, especially for those of us running a small business on a tight budget.

Insurers make it nice and easy to renew your policy by doing absolutely nothing – and their documentation won’t show you any increase in the premium. So it’s easy just to file it and get on with your business, ignoring the fact that each year it’s costing you more.

So here are 10 ways to cut the cost of your van insurance.

  1. Shop around
    Online comparison sites make shopping around relatively quick and easy. If your existing insurer sends a renewal quote, ask if they’ll do it cheaper. They usually can. Play off one insurer’s quote against another’s until you reach their best price. Make sure quotes are for very similar cover.
  2. Set a mileage limit
    Lower mileage means a lower premium. No point paying for a 20,000-mile-per-year insurance policy if you do only 10,000. But allow yourself enough miles a year or it may prove a false economy.
  3. Park off street
    If you can park your van overnight on a driveway or – better still – in a garage or behind locked gates, do it. You’ll get cheaper insurance.
  4. Think about van size
    Generally, the bigger the van, the bigger the premium. We’re not suggesting you downsize your van just to get cheaper insurance. But when you next choose which van to get, insurance is a factor to bear in mind.

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