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Insurance goes from being a ‘grudge’ purchase we all resent to an absolute necessity in the time it takes to have an accident. It’s not worth mucking about with your application form to save a few bob

EVER been tempted to ‘bend the truth’ when applying for your van insurance?

If so, you wouldn’t be alone. A recent poll among 400 van drivers across the UK suggests that 25% have tinkered with the facts when buying van insurance and a further 11% would consider doing so in the future.

But if you think this might be a harmless way of getting a better deal, think again. It could be financially devastating if it results in buying a policy that doesn’t cover you when you need to make a claim.

AXA Business Insurance managing director Darrell Sansom told Business Vans: “We know that insurance can be seen as a ‘grudge purchase’ and it can be tempting to find ways to cut corners but it’s really not worth it.

“It could leave you with a claim that isn’t covered or with problems getting cover in the future, both of which can prove to be very expensive.”


A potential customer gave a business address in Birmingham but claimed his van was garaged overnight in Inverness. He was asked to explain how he managed this daily commute, especially as he also claimed to drive only 4000 miles a year.


The most common lie told is that a van is locked up overnight when in reality it is parked on the road. The second biggest falsehood is the average annual mileage declared by owners.

While both will lead to a reduction in the premium, if the policy doesn’t pay out because the inaccuracies come to light, this is clearly false economy. Lying on your insurance application is a dangerous game to play as most insurers have robust methods of checking the information you provide.

Other common fraudulent statements involve the identity of the main driver, the value of the van and previous traffic offences.

In extreme cases, some insurance applicants have created entirely new personas, giving incorrect age, address and occupation to try to get cheaper cover.

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