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Horrified looking van driver
We all hate Mondays…but van drivers should fear them most of all!

MONDAYS. None of us likes them.

But for van drivers they are the worst.

Monday is the bad hair day of the week for van drivers.

If you’re going to have an accident as a van driver, it’s most likely to be at the start of the week.

No doubt being bleary-eyed from a top weekend has something to do with it.

Conversely, Fridays are the days when van drivers are least likely to have a prang – perhaps it’s the lure of the Friday night and the weekend ahead that concentrates the mind!

Interestingly, according to the data assembled by Axa Business Insurance, private motorists exhibit the opposite behaviour pattern.

Friday is the most likely day for an accident in a private car; Monday the least likely.

Responding to why Mondays should see a 15% uplift in accidents for business van drivers, Axa Business Insurance’s Darrell Sansom said:

“It’s difficult to say for certain why we see these patterns in claims. The Monday blues seem to be prevalent among van drivers, and psychologically this could mean more aggressive or careless driving.

“However, it could be that people are more likely to take the day off work at the end of the week so there are fewer vans on the road on a Friday.

“Whatever the reason, we suggest that van drivers are just that bit extra cautious when they take to the road on a Monday!”

You can read more about van insurance for van drivers in our business van insurance section.


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