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Shoddy maintenance has always meant inefficiency in the long run, but AXA Insurance says that if it leads to accidents, claims could be rejected

YOUR business depends on your van – so you look after it properly.

Or do you?

A new survey reveals that although 90% of van operators have their vans serviced at least once a year, amazingly, 6% NEVER have their vehicles serviced.

And, perhaps not surprisingly, among that 6%, nine out of 10 have had five or more accidents in the past five years.

But missing jobs through breakdowns or involvement in accidents are not the only risks stemming from poor van maintenance.

AXA insurance, which carried out the survey, says drivers involved in accidents in which the cause is found to result from inadequate maintenance could find their claim dismissed.

6% of businesses never service their vans – and 90% of those have had 5 or more accidents in the last 5 years

Another concern is that among those who fail to maintain their vans, there is a similar lack of responsibility in relation to MoT testing. Invalid MoTs  imply a lack of insurance.

Of those who service their vans less than once a year, only 56% are confident  their MoT is up to date. By contrast, among those who have a regular service, more than 90% are confident that their MOT is valid.

More than half of all van owners owned up to having chips in  windscreens and around 25% had damage to exhausts, bumpers or mirrors that was still awaiting repair – which can all lead to the vehicle becoming unroadworthy and dangerous.

Common problems that can cause accidents include worn brakes, bald tyres or a damaged chassis and these can lead to a vehicle becoming out of control. It’s important to remember that the Highway Code recommends core maintenance, including the checking of tyre pressures and fluid levels, is carried out weekly.

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