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Vans are increasingly packed with hi-tech kit, and owners are often adding to that with laptops and even games consoles. Thieves love them – but are they all insured?

THEFT from vans has always been a problem for tradespeople, with tools and other equipment traditionally the main targets for low-life thieving oiks.

But with so many high-tech businesses these days packing sophisticated gear, thieves are targeting vans for expensive electrical equipment, too.

Make sure the equipment you carry is covered by your business van insurance

What’s more, a new survey by insurance company Direct Line for Business shows that tradespeople are spending so much time in their vans they are carrying laptop computers and tablets, and even equipping their vans with high-end games consoles and entertainment centres.

Nine per cent – that’s almost one in 10 – of tradespeople play computer games in their vans on mobile phones, and some (2%) go even further, installing consoles such as X-boxes and PS3s. And as many as one in 20 (4% cent) have TVs in their vehicles.

Direct Line business manager Melissa Hunt told Business Vans: “With tradespeople working long hours on the job they often end up eating, managing paperwork and even sleeping in their vehicles.

“However, customising their van with the latest gadgets and installing entertainment centres may not only be a distraction and compromise their safety but it is unlikely to be covered if stolen.”Thieves are no longer targeting the vans of builders and plumbers to steal tools – they are also after expensive laptops, tablets and smart phones.

“With so much high-end technology being stored in tradespeople’s vans it is important owners have sufficient insurance cover to protect their belongings.”

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