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A survey by TomTom shows van insurance premiums on the rise – and operators are partly to blame

If your insurance premiums have risen this year, take a crumb of comfort from the fact that your rivals have probably suffered the same fate.

24% of van operators admitted they don’t know the requirements for managing road risk

According to a survey by TomTom Business Solutions, 48% of van operators have seen premiums rising.

One of the reasons for the rise is that one third of all road accidents are work-related. But according to Giles Margerison, director UK & Ireland, TomTom Business Solutions, these rises are partly the fault of operators themselves, who could easily help bring premiums down by taking better care of their vehicles and drivers.

It’s a sobering revelation that only 44 % of fleets use technology such as telematics systems to monitor driver performance as a means of assessing and reducing risk.

Giles said: “Fleet insurance premiums appear to be on the rise but action can be taken by businesses to improve safety, reduce collision rates and drive down the cost of premiums.

“Initiatives such as regular staff communications, safety discussions, driver training and schemes for measuring and improving driver performance are powerful mechanisms for the reduction of road risk.”

The research also revealed 91% of those questioned include work-related road safety as part of their company’s health and safety policy and 77% operate regular risk assessments across their vehicle fleets.

In contrast, 39% do not have systems or procedures in place to manage driver fatigue and almost a quarter (24%) admit they are not fully aware of their exact requirements for managing road risk.

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