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Can I park my van at home?

Vans parked outside houses for the night are a common sight - but there are a few things you should be aware if you want to park your van at home
Unloading van in London street

Are you prepared for London’s ULEZ – because it’s coming next year

ON April 08, 2019, be prepared if you drive your van into London. Be prepared for the start of the Ultra Low Emission Zone...
Delivery van in London

London Mayor announces van scrappage scheme for ULEZ

GREAT news for London-based trades ahead of the Ultra Low Emission Zone introduction (April, 2019): there's a new scrappage scheme for older, more polluting...
Van in London

How will London ULEZ affect van drivers?

IT'S not far away now - and we're not talking Christmas. But the London ULEZ which starts in April 2019.How will this affect van...
Jersey Post Nissan e NV200 600x450

Electric vans to require an MOT

A loophole that meant electric vans did not require an MOT has now been closed. It means that all electric van registered before March 01, 2015, will now be required to undergo the three-yearly MOT test.
Ford van range

The law and van speed limits

DIFFERENT laws apply to car and van speed limits.Van speed limits are lower than cars on both single- and dual carriageway roads. This applies...
New sentencing guidelines for serious driving offences

New sentencing guidelines for dangerous and careless driving offences

NEW sentencing guidelines to allow courts to impose much stiffer sentences for those found guilty of dangerous driving will be heading for parliament soon.Following...
Alphabet tyre portal

Alphabet rolls out time-saving new online tyre service portal for drivers

IF YOU have your lease van through leasing company Alphabet then tyre changes should be less tiresome in future with a new online Tyre...

What you need to know about careless driving

MANY people don’t know that careless driving actually consists of two separate offences – driving without due care and attention and driving without reasonable...
DVLA English full licence sample

Conducting driving licence checks

IF someone needs to drive in the course of their work or wants to hire a vehicle conducting driving licence checks is imperative for employers...
sadiq khan politico event

New timeline for London Mayor’s war on pollution

London Mayor's war on pollutionOctober 23 2017: Additional £10 T-Charge starts  in C-Charge zone for cars and vans pre-Euro 4 (approx pre-2006) T-Charge...
vgroup vanply sub

Fleet Alliance lease vans get new lightweight plylining to help improve payload and fuel...

Benefits of Finesse Poly-lineIt’s lighter than plywood lining which means you get an increased payload and improved fuel economy and; It can be CNC...
A van lined with Finesse Poly line photo 1 e1490112663356

vGroup helps vans lose weight with a new vehicle lining solution

What will it cost?Vauxhall Combo - CDV - Category 1 - £124+VAT Short Wheel Based VW Transporter - Medium Van - Category 2...
Small van fleet firms neglect

Small fleet firms neglect essential van inspections

SMALL van fleet owners often neglect essential van inspections and should do more to ensure their vans are regularly inspected during their operating life.We...
Citroen Berlingo Electric L2

Longer Berlingo Electric expands Citroen’s zero emission LCV range

 CITROEN will offer more choice for electric van buyers, with the addition of the longer L2 550 LX version of the Berlingo  Electric van - and...
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