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New Road Safety Act could lead to driving bans for employees

New laws mean staff could face ban – or jail

Businesses at risk if employees transgress upgraded driving law

The Road Safety Act gained additional teeth in September.

Fines were upgraded. And tougher sentences added.

It means business drivers have a greater chance of losing their licence if they break the law.

Which could have an impact on the profitability of businesses if they lose key staff.

Perhaps more disturbing is the chance of staff going to jail. The Crown Prosecution Service has confirmed that if drivers are found driving in an unsafe manner because of mobile phone usage, a charge of dangerous driving could be brought.

This carries a two-year jail sentence.

However, it seems more drivers are taking notice of the tougher laws. The number of car drivers using handheld mobile phones has fallen by 40%, says a recent Department for Transport survey.

But leasing company Alphabet

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