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Fees: DVLA propose raising licence fees next April and want to hear from motorists




Van drivers will be affected by a new proposal to increase the fees for driving licences next April. The proposal has three options.

One; apply the common driver fee of £20 to provisional and 5-yearly renewal applications for vocational driving licences.

Two; increase the fee for a first provisional car or motorcycle licence by £2.25 to £52.25.

Or three; increase the common driver fee by £0.70 to £20.70.

Simon Tse, DVLA Chief Exec said: “The DVLA is facing increasing costs and these must be covered from our fees. We are consulting with our customers and stakeholders on a potential fee structure so that we can take their views into account when making the final decision.”

Want to comment on the proposal? You have until 14 August 2012 to do so to make the van driver’s voice heard. Visit the DVLA’s website to view the consultation paper.

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