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LEZ and Congestion Charge

Vauxhall swappage answer to LEZ changes

VAUXHALL offers van swappage scheme for van operators affected by the London's LEZ.

Renault offers up to £6,000 LEZ discounts

RENAULT discounts on vans to help small businesses hit by the new Low Emission Zone (LEZ) rules.

Peugeot Cashback offers for van drivers hit by LEZ changes

PEUGEOT offers Cashback incentives for London Low Emission Zone van drivers.

Citroen joins other van makers with its own LEZ offer incentives

CITROEN offers up to £3500 in its 'Go Green & Clean Allowance' scheme to van operators affected by the LEZ.

Ford launches London LEZ scrappage scheme

FORD launches a London commercial vehicle scrappage scheme for older vans.

Volkswagen to offer LEZ incentives

VOLKSWAGEN responds to Ford's LEZ scrappage scheme with own range of offers.

Larger vans get LEZ reprieve

VAN operators entering London will have longer to meet LEZ air standards.

Self employed hit by new emission zone

LONDON Mayor wants polluting older vans to pay for entry into London clean air zone.

Small business van operators win LEZ reprieve

London Mayor suspends Low Emission Zone Phase 3 - which would have hit small business van users.
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