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Electric vans, like this Jersey Post Nissan e-NV200, will now require an MOT following the closure of a loophole
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ELECTRIC vans will now require an MOT.

A loophole that allowed electric vans to operate without an MOT has now been closed.

All electric vans registered before March 01, 2015, will now be required to undergo the three-yearly MOT test.

Arval’s Fleet CV Consultant Eddie Parker – and independent judge on the Business Van of the Year Awards – welcomed the move. Parker said:

“The legislation covering electric vans was lagging some way behind the current situation, being really designed for a time when the only common electric commercial vehicles were milk floats.

“We’re pleased to see this loophole has been closed as it was creating operational difficulties.

“Because fleet vans are often run into three, four and five years, the MOT provides useful structure for fleets when it comes to maintaining vehicles, as well as proving that they are being looked after to legal standards.”

Parker also said that trades and small van fleets should also be aware of that electric vans were also legally viewed as wheeled items of electrical plant. It meant electric vans were affected by rules covering electrical equipment in the workplace such as The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.

Arval is launching a new guide at the CV Show (April 24-26) named Delivering the future: A guide to operating electric vans.

This Arval guide is aimed at providing operational guidance for fleets commencing operation of electric vans.



  1. I have a company commercial transit vehicle which is constantly parked opposite my residence which, regularly restricts both my and my neighbors driveway. Therefore, could you please advise if the practice of parking a company vehicle in our crescent (by the resident opposite) directly opposite my residence on a daily basis, contravenes the statutory Teesside councils regulations in relation to this inconsiderate practice.


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