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Warning over fake driving licences

Hitachi Capital releases 10-point plan to tackle counterfeit driving licences.

Five years’ jail for careless van drivers who kill

Van drivers who kill while avoidably distracted at the wheel will face prison under new careless driving laws.

The law and pick-up speed limits

Pick-ups and double-cabs: van speed limitsDifferent laws apply to cars and drivers of pick-up speed limits.The speed limit for pick-ups is not the same...

The law and vehicle maintenance

Regular maintenance reduces running costsMaking sure that your vehicles are roadworthy is a legal requirement.Regular and correct maintenance also ensures the effective running of...

Bigger fines and jail sentences help Road Safety Act bite

From September 2007, many penalties under the Road Safety Act became more stringent. And could lead to jail.

The Law and the Road Safety Act 2006

Are your staff at risk from the Road Safety Act?The government has introduced the Road Safety Act 2006.The act aims to improve road safety...

The law and Corporate Manslaughter

New Act: applies to small companies, tooThe legislation governing corporate manslaughter law changed on 6 April 2008.The new law is the Corporate Manslaughter and...

The law and EU drivers

EU drivers' hours: 56 hour weekly driving timeEU rules governing driver hours only apply to most heavy commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. They cover...

The law and tachographs

The majority of heavy commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight must be fitted with an EU-approved tachograph.This can include vans such as...

Small businesses open to duty of care prosecution

A new travel survey by National Car Rental reveals that small businesses overlook checks on private cars used for business.

The law and smoking in vehicles: Northern Ireland

Smoking: banned from most business vehiclesThe Smoking (Northern Ireland) Order 2006 becomes law from 30 April 2007.It is similar to the Health Act in...

The law and smoking in vehicles: Wales

Smoking: banned from most business vehiclesThe National Assembly for Wales has passed its no-smoking Health Act. It becomes law from 02 April 2007.The Health...

The law and smoking in vehicles: England

Smoking: banned from most business vehiclesThe Health Act became law in England from 01 July 2007.It is similar to the Health Act in Wales...

The law and speed limiters on vans

Many vans over 3.5 tonnes now need limitersFrom 01 January 2007 all vans over 3500kg with Euro III engines must now have speed limiters...

The law and drink driving

Drinking and driving: limit of 80mg alcoholThe government is cracking down on drink driving.It has increased the maximum penalty for "causing death by careless...
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