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External licence checking companies like this one are likely to become more popular with the change in DVLA rules

THE DVLA is planning to roll-out new ways to check driving licence entitlement and points after the current paper counter-part is dropped next year. The vehicle rental industry in Britain this week expressed concern over how they will check driver’s DVLA history which does not show up on the usual plastic photo-card licence.

After Business Vans approached the DVLA, the Swansea-based department issued the following statement, “We want to make it as easy as possible for motorists and businesses to access government services.  

“Getting rid of needless bits of paper and making changes to free up drivers time is all part of our commitment to get rid of unnecessary red tape.  We have already launched a free online service where drivers can check their own licence details.

“As the BVRLA is aware, timescales for implementation are under discussion, but we can confirm that no changes will come into effect over the busy festive season.”

Drivers can already check their licence details online for free via ViewDriving Licence service.  There is also a premium rate number for businesses to check licence details, with the licence holder’s consent, and this was put in place at the request of the industry.

In addition to our existing enquiry services, the DVLA is also developing two new services for next year that will allow third parties such as employers to check driving licence information, providing they have the permission of the driver, and for bulk enquiries. (ends)


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