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manager checking driver licences and employee documentation

Check licences: and keep an audit trail

When was the last time you checked your employees’ driving licences?

It’s worth keeping track: a survey by the Association of British Drivers found 48 per cent of company drivers had points on their licence.

So what should you check? The validity of any new employees and periodically after that. If an employee is driving without a valid licence and causes an accident the police paper trail goes back to the employer.

But do you understand what the categories mean? And their entitlements? Here’s a quick guide for test passed post Jan 01 1997:

Category B: Vehicles not exceeding 3500kg; up to eight passenger seats; trailers up to 750kg

Category C1: commercial vehicles 3500kg-7500kg with a trailer up to 750kg

Category C: Vehicles over 3500g with a trailer up to 750kg

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