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Seat belt usage is complusory for van drivers

Van drivers: seat belts compulsory

It is compulsory for all drivers and front-seat passengers to wear seatbelts.

And for back-seat passengers to wear seatbelts where available.

Other legislation also requires children under 12 and under 135cms in height to use a suitable restraint.

Until recently, drivers making local rounds of deliveries or collections were exempt from wearing a seatbelt.

In 2005, new legislation stated that drivers had to wear a seatbelt when making deliveries if travelling more than 50 metres between stops.

To be safe it is recommended that drivers wear a seatbelt at all times.

Research shows that if all van drivers wore a seatbelt at all times it would prevent 20 fatalities, 240 serious casualties and 1000 slight injuries amongst van drivers each year.

Belting up reduces the risk of injury and even fatality not just for the driver but other passengers as well.

RoSPA states that in a crash at 30mph, unrestrained occupants would be thrown forward with a force 30 to 60 times their own body weight.

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