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Government safety experts recommend a driving break every two hours

Relax: take a break from driving every two hours

Seven deaths a week are caused by driver tiredness, says the Department of Transport.

Tiredness behind the wheel is just as dangerous as being drunk.

The Health and Safety Executive advises businesses to educate drivers about the risks of driver tiredness and how to prevent it.

It says drivers should be encouraged to take breaks somewhere safe every two hours; sooner if they feel sleepy.

The most common times for drivers to fall asleep at the wheel are:

  • Early in the morning – 2am to 6am
  • Early in the afternoon – 2pm to 4pm

The police have the powers to prosecute companies if they find a company driver has an accident that has resulted from undue pressure on work schedules.

Advice on good practice includes:

  • Plan journeys to include a break every two hours
  • Don’t start a long journey if you feel tired
  • Find a safe place to stop if you feel drowsy