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A van lined with Finesse Poly-line
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What will it cost?

  • Vauxhall Combo – CDV – Category 1 – £124+VAT
  • Short Wheel Based VW Transporter – Medium Van – Category 2 – £159+VAT
  • Long Wheel Based VW Transporter – Large Van – Category 3 – £190+VAT
  • L1 Movano – Medium Van – Category 2 – £159+VAT
  • L2 Movano – Large Van – Category 3 – £190+VAT
  • L3 Movano – Extra Large Van – Category 4 – £205+VAT

A new, tough but lightweight Finesse Poly-line plylining could see van fleets cut fuel consumption while increasing payload – and help them stay within the law.

At 1,500g per square metre, Finesse Poly-line is lighter than traditional plywood. When compared to a 12mm standard hardwood plylining that weighs 55.38kg, the Finesse Poly-Line weighs 19.02kg, a weight saving of 36.36kg – about half the weight of an adult.

Eliminating weight from a vehicle translates into increased payload of almost 40kg and potential fuel savings over 125,000 miles which could cut fuel bills by about £450, depending on driving style adopted, road conditions and a variety of other factors.

It is also crucial that a van does not exceed its legal limit – see Van loading safety: How to stay within the law and Operators urged to sharpen van safety and stay within the law.

James Nash, managing director of vGroup which makes the Finesse Poly-line plylining, said: “As a company we are continuously looking to provide fleets with new hi-tech solutions that improve vehicle operations.

“The use of timber linings for commercial vehicles is long-established and, while they will remain part of our product portfolio, we believe that Finesse Poly-line offers a 21st century alternative.”

Vicky Arnold, vGroup International’s sales and customer service director, said: “Finesse Poly-line complements our existing product portfolio. The launch of the new product enables vComms to widen its range of non-timber products and that fits perfectly within our current range of solutions and our approach to being environmentally-friendly, promoting ‘greenness’ across our products.”

Last year, vComms fitted more than 10,000 vehicles with a wide range of accessories from plylining to tow bars and racking systems to roof vents and lighting and electrical accessories. Finesse Poly-line is supplied in a contemporary light grey colour in sheet sizes from 4mm x 3250mm x 2000mm and in white colour from 4mm x 3050mm x 1525mm. The larger sheet size of Finesse Poly-line also eliminates unsightly joints that often result from the use of typically smaller plywood sheets ranging from 5.5mm x 2440mm x 1220mm.


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