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Gratte Brothers is a major building services firm and it’s using Quartix tracking technology to improve efficiency and safety standards across its van fleet

TRACKING technology is helping a leading building services business improve its road safety.

Gratte Brothers is using the Quartix vehicle tracking system across its fleet of vans, and has halved accident rates as a result.

Vans run by the group’s catering, security service and maintenance companies are all using Quartix, and according to Gratte’s Deputy Group Facilities Manager Danny Alborough the system’s ability to determine areas for improvement, such as regulating speed and ensuring road safety, have proven a major boon.

accident rates have plummeted from 35 in 2012 to 15 last year

“We use the Speeding Reports to reduce speeding on motorways and in towns, and the data provided by the Quartix system helped us bring our average top speeds down by 17 per cent,” Alborough says.

As a result accident rates have plummeted, from 35 in 2012 to 15 last year. “This has been hugely beneficial for us with regards to our drivers’ road safety, which we deem to be very important,” he adds.

“We were keen to inspire safer driving with the aid of telematics and the Quartix system allows us to do that. As a result, our drivers are now much more careful on the road.”

Gratte has also benefited from the Quartix system’s reports on utilisation and idling times. These show vehicle movement and fuel usage, while Geofencing alerts guard against any fear of vehicle theft by highlighting unusual activity involving the vans.


Some departments in the building group have even been able to use engineer time sheets to determine the duration of on-site visits and travelling times and to provide customers with more accurate information as to visits.

Alborough admits that some of the group’s drivers were initially wary of the tracking system, seeing it merely as a big brother watching their movements.

“We had some feedback issues because drivers thought we were just watching them. But I went around the country and explained to our drivers what we were actually hoping to achieve using tracking, and they became more receptive.”

Flexible contract terms for the Quartix system and an effective customer service department have also earned praise from Gratte.

“The system ticks all of our boxes and we use it every day in our service departments,” Alborough says. “Quartix tracking plays a very important role in our day-to-day management – it has become a vital tool for us to run the fleet effectively.”


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