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BT Taunton shutterstock 121122979
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Services covered by the council include:

  • Housing
  • Council tax collection
  • Benefits
  • Environmental health
  • Open space maintenance
  • Street and toilet cleaning

BT Fleet has clinched another four-year public sector contract, to run a council’s vehicles.

The partnership with Taunton Deane Borough Council is, says BT Fleet, an example of its best practice approach to fleet management in the public sector and demonstrates the added value approach the company offers in response to specific challenges the industry faces.

It puts its success down to demonstrating a keen awareness and ability to fulfil requirements including ensuring vehicle compliance, reducing internal overheads to manage the fleet and delivering local, reliable maintenance – boosted by BT Fleet’s ability to provide a local garage only five minutes drive from the council depot.

Taunton Deane Borough Council is responsible for services to both Taunton Deane and West Somerset’s residents and visitors, providing such functions as housing, council tax collection, benefits, environmental health, open space maintenance and street and toilet cleaning, amongst others. The daily demands placed on the council means that it is critical its fleet of vehicles remain on the road and meet the stringent compliance standards required.

By consolidating all the council’s requirements under one management programme, BT Fleet was able to provide a tailored solution which includes account management, vehicle scheduling, service, maintenance and repair, hire services, breakdown services, administrative and legislative management and access to best-in-class training and support services. The Taunton workshop offers direct support, reducing ferrying time and net downtime.

Chris Hall, the council’s assistant director of operations, explained: “Outsourcing our fleet management to a partner we can trust means we can save a considerable amount of time and achieve significant cost savings.

“BT Fleet identifies the needs of our fleet on a day-to-day basis and ensures that vehicle downtime is kept to a minimum. This helps to ensure that our programme of works can flow as planned, without interruption. This collaborative working arrangement provides tangible operating benefits to all, which underscores how well the partnership is working.

“Since we started working with BT Fleet in 2011, we have made substantial improvements to time and cost efficiencies and we are looking forward to seeing how these results improve even further over the next four years.”

Joe Fielder, BT Fleet’s sales and marketing director, added: “Expectations on local authorities to rationalise and consolidate spend are only increasing and it can be extremely challenging to deliver consistent, efficient performance.

“We have established a strong relationship with the team over the past four years and it was from this partnership we were able to really understand their needs and expectations in meeting financial challenges and procurement requirements.”


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