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Fleetwave, app, in, action
FleetWave software in action

A new Budget Tool, has been introduced by Chevin Fleet Solutions and is designed to keep fleet spending on track.

Added to its FleetWave web-based fleet management software solution, the Budget Tool provides a simple, single line oversight of each vehicle over a pre-defined period such as a month, quarter or year.

Using a traffic light system, it allows the user to see which vehicles are under or over-budget.

The Budget Tool can also be configured to include any area of cost information stored within FleetWave, including key factors such as fuel, maintenance and accidents, providing the means to take action when vehicles are showing an overspend.

Ashley Sowerby, managing director at Chevin, said: “The Budget Tool is one of those simple but highly effective ideas that we expect will be taken up by our user base very quickly.

“It delivers the means to see, at-a-glance, how your fleet is performing against plan and which vehicles require management attention which, after all, is one of the central tasks of good fleet management.”




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