Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Top tips for first time van drivers

WE ALL need a flexible workforce, especially in a small business. That can mean turning your hand to new things – such as driving...

Safety and the law when you want to tow a trailer

IF YOU want to tow a trailer with your van, there are safety and legal issues you need to know about.First, are the van...

How to stay safe and mobile during winter weather

With Britain in the grip of another bout of extreme cold weather, are you confident you are doing everything to ensure your van won’t let you down?

Cut your fuel bill by at least 15 per cent

Think there's nothing you can do about the inexorable rise in your fuel bill?
You'd be wrong. Take control of your business vans and savings upwards of 15% are there for the taking.

How to stay safe during extreme weather driving

Story: COLIN DAWSONBRITAIN’S weather has always been unpredictable. And whether or not we are experiencing greater extremes of late remains a matter for debate.But...

It’s cold out there – tips to keep your business moving

 BRADLEY Wiggins' accident was a timely reminder of the perils of being on the road at this time of the year.The accident rate invariably...

Are you prepared for winter driving conditions?

Story: COLIN DAWSONTRADESMEN and SMEs whose businesses depend on their business vans remaining mobile must ensure they are prepared for the winter weather, warns...

Why driver training is good for your business

Story: PETER McSEANBusinesses who dismiss driver training do so at their own risk.  There are compelling duty of care reasons for taking the issue...

Business van managers urged to support Road Safety Week

Story: COLIN DAWSONRoad Safety Week provides the perfect opportunity for business van managers to promote safe driving to staff, reinforce a safe driving culture,...

Goodyear launches information campaign on winter road safety

Story: COLIN DAWSONExtensive periods of snow and ice are not the norm in the British Isles but, according to tyre manufacturer Goodyear Dunlop, recent...

Business case for speed limiters is overwhelming

Cobra UK is to run a VW Transporter fitted with a speed limiter in this year's MPG Marathon
According to Cobra, a demo with a Transporter has shown a 37% reduction in fuel use - that's £1600 a year for a van covering 26,000 miles
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