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Fuel price rises
Searching out supermarket forecourts could result in savings up to 3p a litre

Analysts at have carried out a survey and found 40% of small businesses don’t actively seek out fuel savings, plus one in five ignore supermarket forecourt filling stations.

According to fuel card provider Fuel Genie, small businesses could see fuel savings averaging  three pence per litre every time they fill up by using Tesco and Morrisons forecourts with the Fuel Genie fuel card.

Claire Alderson, sales and marketing manager at Fuel Genie said: “The survey shows that businesses are potentially pouring money down the drain, simply by not shopping around.

“Although some businesses are now using a fuel card to save costs, it is still a surprisingly low amount with only a fifth filling up regularly at supermarket forecourts, even though they offer some of the best fuel savings.

“The supermarkets loyalty card schemes can also give drivers useful benefits of further discounts and deals.”

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