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Ford Transit Custom
Hydratight has a new fleet of 10 new Ford Transit Customs and eight Peugeot Partner vans have been fitted with the Lightfoot in-cab driver efficiency system

HYDRATIGHT a specialist company in the energy sector, has invested in Lightfoot, the in-cab driver efficiency system.

They also have a new fleet of vehicles from MC Rental to reduce their carbon footprint, enhance safety and boost fuel efficiency.

The global engineering company with a UK headquarters in Walsall, provides a range of specialist products and services to the oil, gas and power generation industries, and has installed the Lightfoot system across its new fleet, of 10 Ford Transit Custom and eight Peugeot Partner vans supplied by MC Rental under a contract hire agreement.

“I’ve worked with Lightfoot before and witnessed the impact first hand of the technology on fuel efficiency as the in-cab system has an instant positive impact on driving style – making drivers more conscientious and measurably safer,” said Mark Robinson, global procurement manager for Hydratight.

“Unlike other telematics products on the market, Lightfoot is very simple to use and monitor and it does exactly what I want it to do; it’s a proactive and positive system that fixes driver behaviour in real time with the added benefits of improved safety, a reduction in wear and tear and increased vehicle residual value.

He continued: “Following a strategic review of our fleet requirements we decided we could reduce the overall size of our fleet from 24 vehicles to 18 giving rise to increased operational efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

“We then awarded MC Rental the contract to supply our new vehicles, which we anticipate will increase our fleet’s fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions by 7% each. We anticipate that by fitting the vehicles with Lightfoot we will achieve further fuel efficiencies of up to 11%.”

Mark Roberts, managing director of Ashwoods Lightfoot, said: “Lightfoot’s effectiveness has been proven with some of the UK’s largest fleets and it’s one of the most commercially attractive fleet fuel saving technologies on the market.

“In a previous role, Mark was one of the early adopters of Lightfoot and his decision to install the system in Hydratight’s fleet is testament to its success.”


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