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NEW Renault iCare provides operators with pay-as-you-go maintenance and repair system.


RENAULT has launched an innovative pay-as-you-go maintenance system designed specifically for van users. Renault iCare is designed to work for a one-van operators and larger fleet, to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum and compliance legislation is fully met.


A pro-actively managed service, maintenance and repair system, Renault iCare uses telematics to provide pay-as-you-go pricing and hands-free communication with the driver.

New Renault iCare telematics package


Renault iCare is only available on the Renault commercial vehicle range: Kangoo Van, Trafic and New Master from new, or on vehicles that have covered less than 12,000 miles and are under 12 months old.


Each vehicle is fitted with a four-way communication button, with one button providing the driver with direct access to Renault Assistance whenever help is required.


The Renault iCare call centre is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week to direct the call to the appropriate support service, whether the AA for breakdowns, Renault Accident Support Line, tyre assistance, or windscreens.


The other three buttons are assigned to Renault iCare for operational and administrative support, the emergency services and one of the customer’s choice, usually the fleet manager.


Renault iCare ensures the customer’s Renault van is maintained on time by monitoring the vehicle age and mileage and advising the driver when the next service or MOT is required. The service booking is then arranged by Renault iCare with the nearest approved Renault dealer and fully managed while the vehicle is off road to reduce down time to a minimum.


At a time when van fleets are keeping an eye on costs, Renault iCare gives increased flexibility as it is charged monthly in arrears on a simple pence per mile basis, monitored remotely by telematics, which means van operators only need to pay for the mileage that has actually been covered.


All routine servicing, maintenance and repairs are included in a pre-determined pence per mile rate with the option to include all tyres (fair wear and tear only) for the life of the agreement.


On new Master, for example, the cost excluding tyres, based on up to three years and 100,000 miles would be 4.5p per mile, with a one-off charge of £160 for the installation of the telematics and four-way communication package. This can also provide stolen vehicle tracking for an additional fee of £135.


This eliminates the need to estimate the mileage, ensuring that there are no excess mileage charges at the end of the contract term, plus fleets need not administer ‘pooled mileages’, move vehicles within their operation to even out the mileages or pay for mileage that hasn’t been covered.


Renault iCare key points


  • Automatically co-ordinate the vehicle’s routine servicing and MOT through Renault dealers
  • Manage repairs
  • Maintain electronic copies of all service, maintenance and repair work carried out, plus MOT documents to ensure the vehicle is compliant with legislation
  • For vehicles greater than 3.5 tonnes GVW, the fully fleet-managed SMR packages also include compliance and document management with regard to Operator Licence obligations

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