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Figures from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) suggest that around 50% of all vans are failing MoTs on minor faults

RECENT figures from what was then the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) suggest that around 50% of all vans are now failing their MOTs.

That means that over half of all vans being used daily by businesses are potentially un-roadworthy.

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Kevin Rendell head of service and parts at Volkswagen CV

Kevin Rendell, head of service and parts at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, told Business Vans that this shocking figure not only demonstrates a worrying lack of routine maintenance but also could lead to some business owners incurring costly fines or even possible jail sentences dependant on the condition of the vehicle being operated.

“The fact that around 50% of all LCVs on the road are failing their MOTs is shocking news. However, more than a quarter of these failures could be prevented through simple driver checks.

Furthermore, UK van owners are risking increased running bills, extended vehicle downtime periods and potentially a decrease in the overall resale value of their vehicle by not looking after their van properly.

“It is the responsibility of business owners to ensure that their van fleet is fit for purpose and meets all legal requirements. If any vehicle is found to be in a substandard condition, business owners could find themselves in court facing hefty fines for operating un-roadworthy vehicles.

“Owners could also face duty-of-care law suits if employees become injured following an incident with a poorly maintained or overloaded vehicle.

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