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Buying your used van from an approved dealer can greatly reduce the risks

IN THE words of a certain supermarket – “every penny counts”;  a phrase that’s as relevant as ever as many continue to struggle through what has been an incredibly difficult economic climate.

So, how can van fleet operators realistically and effectively cut costs?

Mark Cartright FTA
Mark Cartright runs the FTA’s Van Excellence Scheme

A recent Van Excellence (click here for more about the Fleet Transport Association’s Van Excellence Scheme) survey has revealed that around a quarter of operators who are members of the FTA backed scheme are using used vehicles as part of their van fleets.

In particular, smaller van fleet operators who responded to the survey said that they were reliant on pre-used vans and that the majority of their vans weren’t purchased from new.

But what are the pros and cons in going down that route?

According to the business van managers who took part, the advantages are clear:

  • Used van have already depreciated significantly from new – so buying carefully through a trusted partner provides value for money.
  • Pre-owned vans can be bought at keen prices with factory warranties, and are often already kitted out appropriate for use.

But what did they say were the disadvantages of using pre-used vans?


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