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FleetWave fleet management software tracks individual age and mileage, for operators that want to optimise their options over replacement cycles

INSTEAD of sticking with a vehicle until it reaches its perceived end of fleet life cycle, Chevin Fleet Solutions want operators to optimise their options over replacement cycles.

Chevin’s Smart Vehicle Replacement Tool is part of the company’s FleetWave fleet management software, tracks individual vehicle age and mileage but can also include additional attributes such as fuel usage, maintenance spend, CO2 emissions, breakdowns and depreciation.

An assessment is regularly made that compares these factors to targets set for each vehicle type, creating a suggested replacement cycle for each van.

Adjustments and weightings to each attribute can also be created within the tool to provide greater flexibility and personalisation for each fleet customers.

Managing director Ashley Sowerby said, “This tool enables fleet manager to look at their worst scoring vehicles and consider their utilisation on the fleet. This may mean changing their operation or replacing them completely.

“We work with an increasing number of fleets who would like to move away from traditional three year/60,000 or four year/80,000 replacement cycles and adopt a more flexible approach based on real world factors.”

FleetWave was introduced by Chevin in 2001 and is believed to have been the world’s first web-based fleet management system.

It has been continually updated and version 2.3 will be introduced soon.

FleetWave is used by fleets totalling more than 800,000 vehicles across around 120 countries covering public, utility and corporate sectors as well as government and NGO operations of every size.


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