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Telematics can offer SME operations significant cost savings in their vehicle operations. Here’s what you can expect.

MORE and more businesses are realising the value of telematics systems and there is huge potential to further save time and money by harnessing the power of the data being produced by the “little black box”.

Already, many small to medium-sized businesses are using the technology to monitor vehicle movements and get a better understanding of fuel costs as well as encouraging better driver behaviour.

But by making better use of the statistics associated with vehicle breakdown, businesses can also understand which vehicles are most reliable and factor this into their purchasing decisions. With the latest telematics units, we can learn a lot more about the vehicle itself.

Over the last two years we have successfully reduced our fuel bill by £1.8m

Monitoring vehicle condition in real time means the driver and his fleet manager can, for example, see when a battery is about to fail.  By arranging for a replacement to be fitted at a time least inconvenient for the business the business van manager or business car manager can avoid a breakdown and the resulting recovery callout, which will also save valuable hours getting the vehicle back on the road.

We have seen the benefits of using telematics in our own fleet, here at the RAC.

All 1,500 of our RAC patrol vehicles are fitted out with telematics units which plug into the vehicle’s OBD socket. The telematics units have their own communications SIM and are monitored from our HQ in Walsall. This has enabled us to ensure our drivers are driving more carefully and safely whilst at the same time as helping us save money on costs such as fuel.

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