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Keep drivers delivering: live map alerts you to traffic jams
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THOSE businesses who have invested in Hubio Fleet telematics technology can now see live traffic displayed in the ‘Live Map’ page of their online dashboard.

Using a colour code of green to yellow to red, depending on the congestion severity, the van fleet controller can very quickly determine how a live traffic situation may impact their operations.

They can then take action, such as sending drivers on an alternative route or allocating a different driver/vehicle to the job.

It means that van fleet managers and owner/operators can now spot potential delays and re-direct drivers on new routes and even update their customers with a reason for a delay.

Hubio Fleet’s chief technology officer Andrew Betteley said:

“We’ve added live traffic to our Live Map page as we continue to listen to feedback from van fleet managers and owner/operators that are using Hubio Fleet.

Live map page for Hubio Fleet
Live map page for Hubio Fleet: keep drivers moving

“Live Traffic is overlaid onto the Live Map so that fleet managers can see both where their vehicles are in real-time together with any congestion on the road networks at the same time.”

24/7 live tracking starts as soon as the ignition is turned on. Fleet managers can then see the location of their drivers in Google Maps as well as seeing what their drivers are seeing at any moment using Google Street View.

Fleet managers and owner/operators can then follow the journey of a particular vehicle as it happens and if needed, send the driver new instructions or warn them of an upcoming delay.

All journeys are recorded so that users can look back over trips to double check where drivers have been and how they have been driving.

Scott Cameron is the general manager of McKerron & Milne, a plumbing business in Scotland with a fleet of 12 business vans, all fitted with the Hubio Fleet OBD plugins. He has been impressed by the live map page for Hubio Fleet.

“The real-time tracking and live traffic information has really helped us allocate our vehicles more efficiently,” he says.

“Running a search enables us to quickly find the closest team to a particular location. We can check live traffic, redirect them if necessary, offering a quicker response and a greater level of service.”


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