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Contract Flooring Solutions is using van tracking to maximise efficiency and to reward best driving practice

BIRMINGHAM based Contract Flooring Solutions discovered the benefits of vehicle tracking from a business associate of Stephen Day, one of the directors.

league tables encourage friendly competition between drivers

The business is now using Quartix vehicle tracking to maintain accurate time-keeping records and keep valuable materials secure. According to the company, features unique to the Quartix system provide the information needed to increase productivity and maintain efficiency.

Contract Flooring Solutions uses the system’s timesheets to keep abreast of its workers’ times when they are out on jobs for example.

Stephen Day said: “The timesheets are fantastic – we have access to precise information on the overtime hours worked and can always give fair wages as a result. The security of fitters’ materials is managed with the same functionality, letting them monitor any signs of irregular vehicle activity.”

The live tracking at the core of the system also provides up-to-date reports on real-time driver locations and the company uses the live tracking’s postcode search to check which vehicle is closest to a customer when there’s an urgent job.

“It’s an invaluable tool for reducing downtime between jobs and guarantees we run an efficient service at all times,” Stephen Day said.

Another advantage built into the system is league tables that encourage friendly, and healthy, competition between drivers.

“The Driving-Style monitoring suite presents a league table of how our drivers rank against each other,” Stephen Day explained. “At the end of every quarter, we offer £250 to the driver at the top of the table, and £50 to any driver who can improve his or her ranking by more than five places.”

This ability to monitor driver behaviour boosts productivity and encourages safer driving, as well as reducing fuel consumption.


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