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RAM Tracking has surveyed its 3000 customers and come up with some surprising results for efficiency improvements

THE Government may be talking up the economy at present but from where we sit, we still see a lot of firms struggling to make ends meet.

If you’re one of them and we told you that you could save 23% on your van operation, you’d probably be more than a little surprised.

But that’s exactly the figure van telematics specialist RAM Tracking has put on the wastage among the UK’s van fleets. The firm puts it down to poor route planning, inaccurate time sheet reporting and falsified overtime claims.

RAM Tracking surveyed its 3000-strong customer base and revealed its customers have increased productivity by up to 23% through implementing vehicle tracking. In addition to saving on fuel costs, the findings revealed RAM customers have seen increased efficiencies from a more motivated workforce.

Businesses where employees take their vehicles home at the end of each day have seen the greatest increase in productivity, with vehicle tracking putting a stop to falsified overtime claims and unauthorised out of hours use.

Companies where drivers use their vehicles throughout the working day without taking them home have seen up to 10.5% increased efficiency, with the ability to bill customers accurately and plan jobs to more specific timeframes.

Chris McClellan, RAM’s CEO, said: “Many customers implement tracking with the aim of saving on fuel costs. It’s only after using the system that they realise just how many other benefits it can bring.

“In an economy that is still recovering from the recession, ensuring business operations remain as efficient and productive as possible is crucial and this is where vehicle tracking can really show its value.”


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