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Online vehicle tracking
Online vehicle tracking: identifies driver behaviours

By Bill Raynal, managing director, TRACKER

AN online vehicle tracking system – often called a vehicle asset management system (VAM) – is a tool designed to manage vehicles in real time. 

It enables you to make better decisions; and save money.

In the short term it identifies inefficiencies in drivers’ behaviour; in the long term it gives you the insight to improve the way your business works.  It makes the process of managing business vans easier to monitor.

Vehicle movements are tracked and monitored using a combination of satellite GPS (Global Positioning System) and GSM mobile phone technology, which automatically reports real time information at defined time intervals.

Details of each vehicle journey are shown in an easy to read format, and include start and stop time, journey distance, duration and stop duration.  This enables you to:

  • Verify driver timesheets and mileage
  • Check compliance with Working Time Directives

There is also an option to include details of text messages sent to and from the driver’s mobile phone.

Travel cost reports can use the travel report and figures relating to vehicle type, fuel consumption and running costs to calculate costs of completing a job, enabling you to:

  • Bill customers accurately, controlling profit margins
  • Analyse driver efficiency based on speed and routes

Van utilisation reports can show the activity of the entire fleet of vans over your chosen time period, helping you to identify:

  • The number of vehicles on the road at any one time, allowing fleet optimisation
  • The amount of idling or stationary time during a delivery or service visit
  • Vehicles that are over or underused, enabling the monitoring of wear and tear and the ability to minimise leasing costs

Time sheet reports can summarise the weekly activity of an individual, showing start and stop times, matched to a shift pattern if required.  This enables a business van manager to:

  • Manage overtime claims
  • Monitor and control out of hours usage
  • Make comparisons to manual timesheets
  • Validate Working Time Directive activities

VAM is a powerful tool for controlling and reducing costs as well as boosting customer service levels through the delivery of accurate data.

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