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Hire rates aren’t the only consideration when it comes to van rental

DO you rent vans for your business? If the answer’s yes, then how can you be sure you’re getting the best service and value for money?

The most likely first consideration – daily or monthly rate – is not the only factor. According to rental company Enterprise, there are several key areas to which business renters should pay attention.

incidental damage can lead to unforeseen costs

A big area of concern is that of vehicle downtime. It’s important that hire companies have truly national coverage for so quick access to rental vans from branches and, in the case of long-term rentals, to ensure the vehicles can be quickly and locally serviced.

Does your van need to be liveried? And does your business require specialist equipment or capabilities? Different commercial vehicle needs require different specialist equipment – from wheelchair access or reinforced shelving to Bluetooth. It’s important to ensure the vans you’re renting will fit your needs exactly inside and out.

Damage is another important consideration – especially at the end of a contract when incidental damage can lead to unforeseen costs. It’s important to establish beforehand how your rental supplier manages damage recharging both during and at the end of the rental contract. Are repair invoices itemised and clear? Is every last detail repaired, or only those aspects of damage that affect the resale value of the vehicle?

Also related to damage is the ‘loss-of-use’ factor. It’s important to check how the rental company makes this calculation. For example, if your rented business van is off the road for repair and resolving the repair costs is taking time, is the van still considered to be on-rent during that period?

Danny Glynn, head of Enterprise Flex-E-Rent, told Business Vans: “Van rentals are a key component of effective business. They can help generate revenue and are often hired for longer periods than cars. That means companies need to understand every aspect of cost and usage right from the beginning if they are to get the perfect fit for the job.”

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