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Tubs Sweets Mercedes Sprinter van supplied by Northgate
Movable feast - one of the eight Tubs Sweets new Mercedes Sprinter vans supplied on flexible rentals by Northgate Vehicle Hire

Start up Tubs Sweets is licking its lips at the prospect of eight new vans to help the fledgling company fill more sweety jars around its Irish base.

Based in County Wicklow, Ireland, Tubs Sweets have been expanding at such a lick that they needed eight new vans.

Step forward Northgate Vehicle Hire with a flexible rental solution, ideal for an SME business that’s expanding rapidly.

Tubs Sweets now has eight new Mercedes Spritner vans going on the road, all wrapped in Tubs Sweets allsorts livery. Northgate reports that it had the vans ready within three weeks of ordering.

But Tubs will be dipping into Narthgate’s van sweety jar for a further three vans shortly to support its growth strategy.

“Over the past 12 months our company has grown from strength to strength and so working with a flexible vehicle rental company has been essential,” commented Kevin Ginty, managing director at Tubs Sweets.

Brian Gilna, Northgate sales manager, added: “Twelve months ago Tubs Sweets was a new start up, so our flexible vehicle hire proved to be a sweet deal for the company. So much so, that one year on we have increased the number of Sprinters hired by the company to eight.  And to sugar coat the deal we included full vehicle wrapping and text branding under one rental cost.”

Northgate Vehicle Hire supplies vans on flexible hire deals to allow small businesses more effective business van management.

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