Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Vans are valuable

Vans are valuable – how to keep hold of yours!

ACCORDING to statistics, each year 47,000 commercial vehicles are stolen in the UK, costing owners and insurers a total of around £152 million.Your van...

How modern securities protect fleet operators’ most important assets

IN the UK there is a growing ‘zero tolerance’ culture, with widespread improvements in the security measures implemented by both the authorities and by fleet operations professionals to combat substance abuse and driver fatigue.The...

Sophisticated thieves hacking high value commercials

ACCORDING to Tracker, the surveillance company, criminals are using scanners bought over the internet and sold legally to “hack” vehicle key-codes and then put...

Average theft from vans jumps to £5091 in 2013

ACCORDING to building trades insurer ECIC, the past year has seen the value of claims for theft of tools from contract sites and vans...

Hardtops increase security and flexibility for Balfour Beatty’s Toyota Hilux pick-ups

 Balfour Beatty uses a fleet of 250 Toyota Hilux 4x4 pick-ups to access hard-to-reach locations.And to increase security and flexibility, 150 of the pick-ups have...

Nissan van range wins manufacturer security award

Story: COLIN DAWSONTHERE’S nothing worse than losing your stock, the tools of your trade – or even your van – to some thieving oik....

Renault Master moves into the antiques and art business

Story: COLIN DAWSON If you’re in the delivery business, then carrying your cargo safely should be your chief requirement. And if your cargo is fine...

Don’t give van thieves an easy ride

For big organisations it's an inconvenience; for a small business it can be crippling.
Don't let thieves ruin your business by stealing your business van.

Iconic Truckman tops maker celebrates anniversary

Story: COLIN DAWSONTruckman hardtops are particularly popular with commercial users of pick-up trucks in sectors such as agriculture, construction, emergency services and utilities. And...
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