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Paul Busby, creating mpg miracles with Vieuzu’s clever mapping – and saving you money on fuel

IF we told you it was possible to take your vans into a dealer and magically they come back an hour later returning an extra 10 miles per gallon with no effect whatsoever on ride and handling, you probably wouldn’t believe us.

Quite frankly we didn’t believe it either when we were told by hi-tech engine remapping firm Vieuzu that such a miracle was indeed possible.

BT reckons it is saving £4 million a year in fuel as a result

Two thoughts immediately came to mind. Firstly, if it’s so easy to save so much fuel, why don’t the manufacturers do it themselves?

Secondly, if something went wrong and we took our van back to the manufacturer to get it fixed under warranty, what would said manufacturer say if it was discovered that someone had been jiggery-pokering around with their engine management system?

We reckon the answer would probably involve two words, the second of which would be ‘off’!

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