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You can turn up with a mis-behaving van for a diagnosis of the problem without any appointment

HOT of the heels of the launch of new British-built Vauxhall Vivaro at the CV Show, Vauxhall is beefing up its support for tradespeople and SME van fleets with improvements to its after-sales operation.

The company is keen to show that it’s serious about vans and underpinning this is the new Van Centre of Excellence programme announced earlier this month.

Vauxhall’s revamped, dedicated after-sales operation for LCVs runs under the name Premier Van Centres and comprises a network of 100 sites providing full UK coverage for Corsavan, Combo, new Vivaro and Movano operators.

No appointment is necessary for diagnosis, which is a great asset for busy tradespeople and SMEs, and lead times are guaranteed to be no longer than three days. The Premier Van Centres also offer a dedicated customer helpline.

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