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Jeremy Smith (left), Citroen’s head of commercial vehicles with Teletrac’s Pat Gallagher and the 100,000th Berlingo to get the van tracking system

A Berlingo van has become the 100,000th Citroen commercial to be fitted with the cost-saving Teletrac vehicle tracking as standard.

nearly all stolen vans fitted with Trackstar are recovered within 1 hour of being taken

Unique to the Citroen van range, the Teletrac system includes Smartnav sat nav and Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking.

Plus, it can be used as a platform for the Fleet Director real-time van management service.

The Fleet Director service provides live vehicle reporting, so van managers know where their vans are.

It can also produce driver management reports, to encourage best practice among their van drivers. Fleet Director also monitors how the van is used and can ‘geofence’ it to ensure it’s only used when it should be.

The benefits of fitting telematics are becoming more widely understood by business van managers.

For example, the Smartnav sat nav  includes congestion avoidance, and Citroen says that during a year 4 million routes are downloaded by van drivers saving up to 20,000 working days.

Should the worst happen and your van is stolen, the Trackstar vehicle tracking system will inform the police of the van’s location – even if it’s still moving.  Thus making recovery infinitely more likely than if the location is unknown.

In fact, Citroen says that nearly all its vans fitted with Trackstar are recovered within 1 hour of being taken.

Finally,  there’s an emergency call system that will locate where you are and in the event of a serious accident, make an emergency call for you.

There are also cost-savings to be gained from used Teletrac’s Fleet Director van management package.

Citroen says it all adds up to cost savings through improved efficiency, reduced driver stress because they don’t waste time sitting in traffic jams, and improved productivity for your business.





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