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There’s a temperature differential of 50 degrees between the two temperature controlled compartments in the vans

THIS is clever!

one compartment is set at a temperature of minus 25 degrees centigrade, and the other at plus 25 degrees C

Paneltex Simera is supplying dual-compartment temperature controlled bodies for two Citroen Relay vans used by Eskimo Express.

In the two vans, which are built to the ATP certification of the refrigeration industry and to pharmaceutical specification, one compartment is set at a temperature of minus 25 degrees centigrade, and the other at plus 25 degrees C.

This versatility allows Eskimo Express to use one vehicle on jobs where two would previously have been needed.

The courier firm, which operates out of Chertsey in West London, made the order after buying two ATP-Certified Citroen Berlingos from Paneltex Somers last year.

Eskimo Express anticipates both these vehicles will have a working life of up to six years, and are so pleased with the conversions that they will be ordering more of this type from Paneltex Somers later this year.

According to Tony Colato the two vans are perfect for the firm’s specialist work, much of which is carried out specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

“We have found that, apart from Paneltex Somers, no other vehicle body manufacturer can manufacture such a high level of refrigerated conversion that is ideally suited to this industry,” Tony says.

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