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Abel Alarms picked the Citan after in-house road tests on a range of vans

STAFF on the ground have changed a  Leicester-based security firm’s choice of business vans after Abel Alarms conducted some in-house road tests.

Abel’s business van administrator, Lisa Smith, explains: “We’ve been sourcing our vans from another manufacturer for a long time, but last year conducted a comprehensive evaluation of all the alternatives.

“We trialled demonstration units from various suppliers and gave them a thorough workout. We also turned some over to our engineers, and asked them to rate the vans against a series of criteria, with scores of one to five.”

And what van came out on top?

The Mercedes Citan.

Now Abel Alarms has purchased three to join its 55-strong van fleet.

Lisa explained that after thorough analysis, the new Mercedes Citan was by far and away the most popular choice, scoring four and five stars across the board. What made the choice even easier for Abel Alarms was the fact that the Citan was also the most cost-effective van to run.


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