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Could this Alke electric van be the perfect pizza machine?

CATERING businesses can now serve up the ultimate ‘green’ pizza that’s a healthy option to their vehicle running costs.

The Alke electric van made in Padua, near Treviso, is being imported complete with a kitchen, including a sink and oven, to provide a mobile pizzeria service for events.

On the cargo bed are installed an oven – gas or electric- with a double bowl sink with hot and cold water, a refrigerator, a work table, refrigerated containers for ingredients, a table for cutting and serving pizza.

Alke’ vehicles for pizza are 100% electric and this offers a number of advantages including the possibility of using them indoors, access to the low emission zones without restrictions, considerable savings in terms of maintenance costs and fuel consumption.

There is also reduction of the management costs with an itinerant pizzeria compared to a conventional one.

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