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All new Renault Trafic
This is the face of the all new Renault Trafic: bold and assertive

THE all new Renault Trafic makes a bold statement on the road with its black grille, large lights and striking Renault logo.

But it’s not all looks.

The new Renault Trafic can carry as much as its muscly appearance suggests.

The Trafic features two flaps in the load area – one in the bulkhead and one beyond the bulkhead under the front seats.

This allows extra long lengths to be carried – up to 3.72m in the L1 version or 4.12m in the long wheelbase L2 model.

The capacity of the new Trafic ranges from 5.2cu m to 8.6cu m. In practical terms the standard L1 version can carry three europallets or 11 plasterboards measuring 2400mmx1200mmx12.5mm.

All new Renault Trafic interior
What a great place to work! There’s a total of 14 cubbies provided in the interior of the all new Trafic

In the driving cabin it’s a different matter. There’s a mobile office on wheels (see separate story) with car-like levels of comfort and refinement and a market best stowage capacity of 90 litres in the cabin’s 14 bins.

Driving the new Trafic is a range of turbo diesel and twin turbo diesel engines.

The single turbo engines are dCi 90 (260Nm torque) and  dCi 115 (300Nm torque) and provide up to 43.5mpg economy.

The twin turbo diesel engines are Energy dCi 120 Twin Turbo (320Nm torque) with fuel saving Stop & Start technology, and Energy dCi 140 Twin Turbo (340Nm torque), again with Stop & Start technology. Fuel economy is good for up to 47.1mpg.

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