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Spy Cam
Keeping a closer eye on your drivers can pay dividends

Listen carefully, we will say this only once … a spy in your cab could save you money.

Direct Line for Business says more than two in five (42 per cent) van drivers are unfamiliar with the concept of telematics and how it works to monitor speed, hours behind the wheel and aggressive acceleration and braking.

Less than three per cent are using telematics in their vehicles

The research reveals that currently around 90,400 van drivers (less than three per cent)  are using telematics in their vehicles.

This means a majority of the 3.35 million van drivers are missing out on the benefits of potentially lower insurance premiums and beneficial feedback from the technology on how to improve their driving behaviour.

Telematics can be used to improve bad habits behind the wheel, related to factors such as smooth cornering, acceleration and braking.  As well as  reduced insurance premiums, this can result in lower repair bills and reduced fuel costs for van drivers and fleets.

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